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    Biblical Sexual Ethics in Light of God’s Institution of Marriage

    Definition of Marriage

    Marriage is the exclusive God-ordained institution between one man(husband) and one woman (wife) in a mutually consented “one-flesh” relationship


    How Important Is My Thinking?

    When I first started this study, I was actually having fun finding new verses on all of the facets that make up the character of God. It was a wonderfully eye-opening project, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a couple of years, though, I saw that not only was it a special study but also it was changing me in ways that I hadn’t even realized.


    This Is How We Know

    Webster defines hermeneutics as “the science of interpretation; esp[ecially] the study of the principles of Biblical exegesis.”

    Nevertheless, a well-educated person may have no understanding of hermeneutics. In a conversation with a college professor from a well-known conservative (non-Christian) college, he challenged a clear interpretation of Scripture with the charge, “That’s your opinion.”


    The Critical Element in Discipleship

    Discussions of discipleship should flow from the fountain of the Great Commission, for we know that the Great Commission is a command to make disciples.


    Ecclesiastical Separation and the Defense of the Gospel

    Not long after the birth of modern Evangelicalism in the late 1940s and early 1950s, some of its leaders and institutions began casting off their doctrinal moorings and drifting away from orthodoxy.


    Fundamentalists and Social Services

    By John Mincy

    Ever since Walter Rauschenbusch popularized the social gospel in America, Fundamentalists have been struggling with how Christians should relate to the multitude of social problems.


    Good News for the Elect

    Whatever election is, one thing is clear: it is in the Bible. Whoever the elect are, there is very good news for them in 1 Peter 1:1–9, which is a perfect text to which we should apply the old saying, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.”


    Islands of the Sea

    If you love missionary presentations, as this editor does, you would love to visit the Lord’s servants, as he has, on many of the islands of the sea.


    Protecting our Children

    Fred is the senior pastor of small church in the Midwest.

    One Sunday between Sunday school and church a teen Sunday school helper comes to Fred and says


    “Sing Unto the Lord A New Song”

    Any discussion of praise and worship will be helped by a review of Psalm 96, which begins with the admonition, O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.